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Old year, new year

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So glad to have a little “refresh” completed on my website. The last few years have felt either isolating or joyful, changing day to day, so admittedly I’ve let these updates slide…
But I can tell you that I no longer take the simple pleasure of seeing friends and hearing live music for granted (if I ever did!).

2024 will bring some interesting new musical adventures. In late January, I’ll be at 25th Street Recording Studio with John Harris, Steve Pearson, and Nancy Lake. We’re going to record a few newer songs that have been played live, but never recorded, for various reasons (Covid, finances, etc.).

I’ve also started a new acoustic project, to revisit some of the quieter songs that aren’t in rotation for full band shows. My partner on this is Andy Charmatz, a San Francisco based musician…he’s very skilled at acoustic guitar and harmonies, which is exactly what I hoped for when I began this endeavor. It’s funny that I’ve never run into him before, since we know a ton of the same musicians….we’ll be ready to play out in the new year.

I look forward to gigging in both full band and acoustic formats as 2024 gets underway. I’m not sure if the odds are with us, but hoping for peace, good health and safety on all fronts.